Saturday, February 22, 2014


This blog is and will be about biking and other outdoor activities, as long as I can perform them and the Blogger exists. I try to avoid political posts, but when something really concerns me, I have to get it out and share, even if you don't care.
The other day, I have noticed that in my blog stats about audiences, Ukraine took a second place after the USA:

How is that possible? Don't you guys and gals in the Ukraine have a revolution to fight?  Although it would please me tremendously if there were twenty freedom fighters on the streets of Kiev or Lviv freezing their asses on the barricades, clutching their smart phones and reading Jan's B-log. That cannot be the case.
What is the case, is that while here at the bastion of the world democracy, we go about our daily jobs where we (mostly) help someone else pursue their dreams, and in our spare time, we bike, ski, run etc., which, although healthy, are completely selfish, from the Universe standpoint completely useless activities (we call this a work / life balance), the Ukrainian "rebels" are pursuing their dream now, not knowing what will happen in the future, they just must be damn sure that the current state of affairs in their country must be disrupted.

Radio Free Europe has this video on their web pages:

On the structure on the left (a scaffold? A statue?) you can see the Czech flag, just under the EU flag and to the right of the German flag (which is upside down I think). Of course, the Czech Republic is a EU member, but historically, western Ukraine, the Zakarpatia, used to belong to the pre-WWII Czechoslovakia. The Soviets took it as their war prize. Today, there is Slovakia between the Czech lands and the Zakarpatia, but speaking just for myself, I would not mind a bit if we all were one country again. The real reason for me is that I think there must be awesome mountain biking in Zakarpatia!

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