Friday, August 12, 2011

Small Stuff

I sometimes think about big changes in ones life, such as a new job, loss of a job, moving cross country or across the globe, preparing for a 7-day stage race etc.  and how I rarely consider the big "projects" as something that would make me nervous.
It's the small stuff that drives me crazy, especially when high end, expensive products break. I know, every material product, biking products notwithstanding, is designed and made to have an infinite lifespan. I believe that buying high(-er) end gear means it will last longer and I trust brand names. I guess it is genetic, my father once said "Never buy anything made in China!". I really don't know what he buys these days, probably nothing if he follows his rule....

Anyways, three examples of small stuff breaking happened over the last couple of weeks: first, it was my new Giro Xar helmet. This helmet is fantastic, fits me well and is very adjustable. But the adjustable strap at the back of the helmet is held to the harness by two tiny plastic tabs, as you can see in this picture:

After stuffing the helmet in a gear bag at the BCBR, these two little pieces of plastic sheared off, leaving the whole harness just hanging there. Needless to say, the good guys at the Passion Trails Bike shop replaced the helmet for a brand new one, no questions asked. But now I am afraid to squish the lid or even put it down with the harness facing downwards.

Next, my new Specialized Comp shoes, with fancy buckles, had a defect after just couple of rides. The buckle attachment on the right shoe had a stripped thread. The fix was easy, I moved the buckle into the second hole where I hope it will stay tightened with the help of blue loctite.

And finally, another spoke nipple broke during my last ride. Since it was the third one in couple of weeks, I think the aluminum nipples are toast. Now this FSA 300 XC wheelset is not new, I have been using it for about 6 years now, so perhaps it is time for new wheels.

I better check the country of origin of these products, but I think we all know the answer. The good news is, there is always something to improve on and upgrading biking gear is fun!

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