Friday, February 15, 2013

Mountains and flowers

Apparently weather in Seattle (is the word weather in each of my recent posts?) is either Alaska - grey and drizzle, or California. Today was definitely California, and during the first step outside of the building on the lunch break run and the first breath of the outside air, there was clearly spring in the air.
In the middle of Blaine stairs, there is the hidden gem of Streissguth gardens and the crocuses were going crazy:
Once at the top of the water tower, I always check the first window on the right for views of Mt. Rainier:

 On the opposite side of the tower, looking north, Mt. Baker could be seen clearly (88miles away). The iPhone could see it less clearly, so after some massaging in iPhoto, you get a "painting":

 A quick detour into the greenhouse, the correct name is Volunteer Park Conservatory, to check out some orchids:

 And finally a "cactusarium", or a piece of a desert under the glass panes:

On the way down Howe stairs, the Olympics just beg to quit work and drive there (it is "far", 2 hours at least by car).
Lunch break over.

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