Sunday, February 17, 2013

Third and last trail duathlon

That's it. The third and last of the Fort Steilacoom trail duathlons is history. It was a beautiful day, even if slightly chilly. The trails were either hero dirt or dry loose (!), enough to make my rear wheel slip a bit if I did not pay enough attention when powering up at the middle ring. The rear Specialized Captain tire is bald, too.
I have to say, I have enjoyed all three races, the second one despite a bad middle ear infection, but today was just perfect: I have gone too fast out on the first running leg, and predictably paid for it with cramps on the last running leg with 200 yards to finish. The bike laps in between were fun. Overall, the whole idea of running after you get off the bike instead of going to a jacuzzi with a beer is kind of masochistic. I really respect anybody who has done an Ironman. And swimming? Give me a break, I love to lay down on a hot sand after a swim... I might have shaven some minutes off my first race time, official results are not posted yet. Results are now here and I can proudly say, I have bettered my time by 6 minutes over the first race and 13 minutes compared to the second one!

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