Monday, April 26, 2010

Follow your doctor's orders

With another bout of an acute middle ear infection, I sought advice from my ENT physician on Friday. He prescribed me a load of antibiotics and advised me: "Run less, ride more".
So I ran on Saturday (less, 5mi) and rode on Sunday (more), hoping to finally break the 75mi barrier. It worked! With temperature in the low 80-ies and me feeling more or less sick, I was very slow. Riding through the beautiful Los Altos Hills on Elena Rd., I came upon this sign:

I should not complain about my sickness - poor Clares had to have it worse....  OK, at the end it was 74mi back to my house, so I had to ride another 0.9mi uphill and back for 75.8mi and 6,490ft of elevation.
The whole Garmin picture of this ride is here:

75mi Monastery Ride by jan.r.berka at Garmin Connect - Details