Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Full Moon January 19

The days are getting longer for sure, but leaving work at 5:15 means almost dark just before reaching San Mateo and then finishing the ride in complete darkness. I need another 45min of light / twilight! But today, riding on the Bay Trail just before reaching the Coyote Point, there was a special sight of a full moon rising above the Bay (west), while the sun was already behind the ridge east.

New Year Ride to San Bruno Mt Summit

The 2nd Annual Ride from SSF to the top of San Bruno Mt. happened on January 6th which was a pretty cold but sunny day, unlike the original date of January 3rd which was rainy.
The destination was looming in the distance as I approached South City along the Bay:

The ride is gaining popularity - this year it was five of us reaching the summit, two more than in 2010.

2010 Recap

There were several more (12) beautiful rides in November and December of 2010, including this 
King Ridge Ride

The total tally of GPS-logged activities for 2010 looks like this:

2520 miles (~ 4056 km)
210,471 feet of climbing
196 hours in saddle

No races.... Let's hope 2011 will be at least this good but I hope for better.

Down for maintenance in November 2010

Not the website or my bikes, but my body. Actually just a small but quite important part of me: my nasal sinuses. These little buggers received a thorough cleanup during a 5-hour surgery. I was "down" for nine days but recovery was good and eventually I ended up with a renewed ability to breathe using my nose and not just my mouth, as well as an ability to SMELL (after 15 years of no smell), which is great but made me realize how awful car exhaust smell is - I hope the world will switch to electric cars really soon.