Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Norcal Winter Weather

I remember somebody saying that here in the Bay Area we have "just the right amount of weather" for it to be interesting but not annoying. I guess March 2011 was the weather to talk about this year, since it rained for three weeks, Tahoe ski resorts got to 700 inches totals, and there was even an emergency radio message one day about a hydro situation along the Pescadero Creek.

Last Sunday ride was supposed to get me over 60 miles (finally), which it did, but the main highlight was to see how the environment looked like after so much rain. The rain certainly did something to create lush surroundings, but many small roads had rivers of water still flowing over the pavement, I saw many small to medium size mud slides and I had to watch for rocks, mud and debris all the time.
The best part of Sunday still unstable weather was a strong tail wind on final uphill stretch and this view of San Carlos hills from the Ralston Bike trail on Canada Rd: