Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tahoe Classic

On Saturday 9/11, after three years of planning this ride, it finally materialized: The Flume Trail at Lake Tahoe got to feel the touch of my bike's tires. My two Czech friends and me did the classic, one way ride from Spooner Lake to the shuttle pick up on Hwy 28, for the total of 16.8 miles. All I have read about this ride was true, it is not very technical, except the occassional exposure and deep sand in turns, it has fantastic views and after the initial climb to Marlette Lake, it is quite flat.

Lots more pictures are here:
And the Garmin track and ride stats (nothing to brag about, this was mainly sightseeing!) here:
It was well worth the trip from the Bay Area, I am already planning the Mt. Rose to Kingsbury 45 mile ride, but this may have to wait until the snow thaws in 2011.