Sunday, July 25, 2010

Skeggs MTB Ride Sunday 7/25

It has probably been a year since I rode at El Corte De Madera Open Space preserve. This place is really great, offering technical riding so sparse on the Peninsula. I like the combination of singletrack downhills, fire road climbs, rutted manzanita sandstone trails (shown above on Resolution Trail) and redwood needle covered trails.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kings-84-Water Dog

Kings-84-Water Dog by jan.r.berka at Garmin Connect - Details

Bombing at Wilder Ranch SP

Weather forecast said less foggy, so I decided to head down to Santa Cruz coast to ride at Wilder Ranch. I like the variety of terrain and natural environments here. After climbing the gradual doubletrack and riding into the warmer air away from the ocean, a quick look back to the coast.

I rode the usual Wild Boar and Old Cabin singletracks up to Chinquapin trail. This time, I went to explore the Woodcutter trail which I never tried before. It was a nice 1.9mi downhill, finishing at a fern and redwood grove.

The climb back up was not bad. Then it was Chinquapin back and a fast Eucalyptus Loop trail descent to the Enchanted Loop. The singletrack portion of Enchanted Loop was fun, I was glad I climbed up the redwoods section, since the drops caused by the tree roots would probably be too technical to descend.

Back at the top of the loop, I found a ranger truck parked across the trail and a park ranger taping the trail entrances with a red tape. He was just closing off a good portion of the park due to a bomb threat! A google search on Monday revealed that somebody dumped a box labeled Explosives with tile grout powder in a nearby garbage dump, causing evacuation of locals and rerouting the rest of my ride to the coast. The 7mi Ohlone Bluffs trail had fantastic views of the ocean. I would have never rode here, thinking this would be a boring, flat, coastal trail. Thanks to the terrorist threat, I saw this part of the coast:

Visiting the Swanton strawberry farm on Highway 1 for a tasty snack and box of strawberries was a great way to finish a day.

June 29 - July 15

Four bike commute to work trips (4x 37mi), one nasty middle ear infection and a beautiful hiking trip to Lassen Volcanic Park:


Small Coastal Loop June 19