Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pre-BCBR Rides

The weekend before leaving for the BCBR should have been off bike, but then I got the Mojo all spruced up by the (I hope) good mechanics at the Passion Trails Bike Shop and had to take it out for a test. I rode the double-roller coaster ride at Purisima and the bike felt great.
I actually think the trails may be somewhat similar to what's awaiting me in BC?

I climbed the Grabtown Gulch from the bridge to Tunitas Rd without stopping and then descended the Borden Hatch Mill Trail and up Whittmore. The bottom parts of Whittmore Gulch Trail have been "sanitized" and the rocks removed. I actually liked the tacky trail surface, it helped when climbing up some of those grueling inclines.

On Sunday, I did an out and back on the Cahill-Fifield trail (17mi) with two fast riders on the 29er. Great weather, views and company.
So 8,000 ft of climbing as a polishing workout before the race. I was sore Monday but OK on Tuesday, so perhaps it won't be so bad.

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