Friday, July 1, 2011

BCBR Day -1

Having the morning free, I hopped the SeaBus ferry which has a terminal 5 min from the hotel, for a 15 minute ride across the Burrard Inlet to downtown. Around Canada Place, preparations for the Canada Day were in full swing.

Early afternoon registration went smoothly, it was all well organized and considering the number of people signed up for this race, no wait times. I checked the Mojo in hoping to reunite on Sunday morning. I spent the afternoon trying to break some laws of physics when stuffing all my worldly possessions into the Dakine racer bag which was of course about 30% smaller that the one I brought all my stuff in. With leaving behind some "nice to have" items, the zippers finally closed.
I had some time to kill so I went out for a stroll around the Quay Market. The market was busy with vendors and music. The sun came out and people were just having a good time. 

The atmosphere felt somewhat different than 4th of July in the USA, very spontaneous. The truth is I don't really remember "celebrating" the Independence Day since we always use the Holidays for some trips, but you know, everybody must grill some lousy food and watch the fireworks and exclaim how much fun they are having....  Here, I watched a band of kids making some serious noise for an hour and felt young at heart again (!).

The waterfront with historical Wallace shipyards it being turned into a history park with art shops etc. It felt really modern and livable. 

OK, so this is it for pre-race vacation, the BCBR starts tomorrow officially as Day 0 with a briefing and transport to Campbell River, our home for Days 1 and 2.

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