Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My Butt Is Finally Famous!

On Easter Sunday, I went for a bike ride with Jill Homer, whose blog I follow. Jill is an author of several books, an adventurer, and her ultra-cycling and ultra-running resume is too long to list here. Her blog has about 1300 followers! Her rides are an inspiration for me, although I know most of them are out of my reach due to my physical limitations and old age.
So first, I was stoked that she joined me for a bike ride, I think mainly because she was still recovering from her recent extreme snow biking race in Alaska. You can read all about it on her blog, but I cannot imagine being so tired that you need to take power naps in the middle of a bike ride and yet plan another 5 hour "recovery ride".
We started up Windy Hill, on a steep climb where I usually walk a few sections. We rode the hills at human pace, the difference being me completely out of breath at the top and Jill showing no oxygen deficits.
Secondly, she took this picture of me on Windy Hill and posted it her recent blog entry, thanks Jill!

Besides the fact that I enjoyed having company on a sunny day ride, I gained more confidence that the "Ronda Grande" distance of the Garda Marathon (86.6 km and 2705m vertical) should be doable.

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