Saturday, November 24, 2012

Turkey Trot

It has been just about a month since I arrived in Seattle. It has been a busy month. New job, new apartment, new surroundings, weather change, all that occupied me for most of my time. And the fact that I spent pretty much every day off work helping Marketa with her critically important school paper. So in a month all I saw was my lab and computer screens. I did commute to work by bike and I enjoy it. Mornings are cool and the ride home is after dark. So I have so far lived in this microcosm and did not really venture beyond its boundaries.
Came the Thanksgiving holidays, four days off, more computer work and no turkey this year. But I did peel off the Mac on Thursday afternoon for a run to the Discovery park. It was dry so I paid more attention to the route and found a nice way to get there. I ran the park loop but decided to take single track trails down to the beach. Narrow, wet, rooty trails in a rain forest vegetation. When I ascended the cliffs above the beach facing west, I could for the first time here see the Olympic mountains, now all covered in fresh snow. So I can now live through another busy month knowing the mountains are nearby and hope to have a weekend off for exploring them on skis or, at lower elevations on a mountain bike.

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