Friday, November 9, 2012

Se(a)ttling In

I have spent most of this week unpacking and moving boxes around. People generally hate moving, I actually enjoy arranging my stuff in a new place, trying to come up with new and creative placement of things. I totally despise getting rid of carton boxes and packing material.
Due to the above activity and the fact that I really do spend 10+ hours at work every day, I did not broaden my horizons significantly. I almost have the car route to work and back home figured out, I know how to get to Whole Foods Market, a drugstore and a hardware store. I have learned that one of the main streets through town is one way traffic which explains why I was never able to backtrack some routes.
But most importantly, I did find enough warm layers to bike commute to work once this week. The commute I'd really easy, about 4miles each way and dead flat following the ship canal and south shore of Lake Union. The sights along the bike path are so much different from what my bike commute used to be, industrial shipyards, then fancy yacht marinas and few homeless guys here and there. Boats and seaplanes. And lots of other bike commuters. People here complain about other bikers cutting them off, not cars!

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