Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Between Three Kings and Hromnice

There is a Czech saying that loosely translates as: "On New Years Day, a hen's step ahead, on Three Kings Day, one step further, on Hromnice Day, one hour more". As I look at it, it makes no sense whatsoever in English, it does not even rhyme, which it does nicely in Czech. Anyways, the saying is referring to the daylight increases after the Winter Solstice. The Three Kings Day (Epiphany) was January 6th. Hromnice day is February 2nd, still three weeks away. But the days are getting longer at an alarming rate of 1-2 minutes per day here at the far-far-north-west. And we are not even as far north as Prague! (Seattle 47.6097, Prague 50.0833).
For now, we keep our bike lights charged, blinkies, as well as headlamps and reflective vests for running ready. The dry, cold and sunny days make all the surrounding mountains visible, I think I saw Mt. Baker from the Volunteer Park water tower the other day - that hill is 90 miles away. Of course, "The Mountain" seems to be looming above the horizon no matter which direction you look. Here, we look at it from the Snoqualmie Alpental ski area, just off the Edelweiss chairlift:

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