Monday, January 28, 2013

Trail Duathlon Race 2

Temperature 5 Celsius (40F)
Light steady rain

Bike setup:
New bottom bracket bearings (XT, previous FSA MegaExo lasted 4 years)
New wheelset - American Classic Terrain 29 Tubeless, 2013 model, very sweet!
New Shimano XT disc rotors
New rear brake pads
Old Specialized Captain 29x2.0 2Bliss tires, rear one will be gone soon, but this rubber snapped onto the tubeless rims upon inflation with a floor pump in no time
One and half scoops of Stan's in each tire, 32psi

Personal setup:
Old (untreated) sinus infection, maxillar, frontal...
Brand new otitis media with effusion
Slight lack of balance
Screw the weather and middle ear infection attitude
Wool base layer, Twin Six bike jersey for running and a Goretex jacket for the bike laps
New Endura neoprene wet weather bike gloves - probably better for cold weather surfing than mountain biking

Race result:
A negative improvement (similar to the current economic term "negative growth") of 8 minutes over the 1st race.
Looking forward to the 3rd and final one on February 17!

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