Wednesday, March 20, 2013

St. Powtricks Day

Disclaimer: this post's name was coined by my friend Will. The interesting contents of this post is contained in a GoPro video taken by Will. My contribution is minimal, but I got Will's permission to use his materials.
Since Sunday, I have been thinking whether it would be worth blogging something about our ski trip. There was really nothing so unusual about it, 18" of fresh powder overnight happen quite often here, and hundreds of powderhounds descended (ascended?) on the mountain on Sunday. But in several ways the day was special for me: we were there early enough to be able to ski untracked areas, we were in a companion of experienced backcountry skiers, the clouds broke before noon to let the sun rays sparkle on the fresh snow, and the physical exertion associated with skiing steep terrain in really deep snow while trying to keep up with the group was huge.
When the untracked areas become sparse, we hiked up the Big Chief ridge, past the ski area boundary, to Outer Andromeda. While hiking up steep and narrow ridge in deep snow, I kept thinking that on my next trip to REI, I really have to get a beacon, probe and a shovel.

The way down from here is captured in Will's video. Enjoy!

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