Thursday, March 22, 2012

2012 Biking and Running Events

At the beginning of 2012, I have scribbled some biking race names and dates on a large sticky note. This is an online version of that list, since the glue on the piece of paper is not holding very well and I am sure the note will get lost soon. It is by no means a "race calendar" or a list of races I am planning to attend, rather a reminder of how many cool events there are nearby and one could register for some, assuming the legs feel good, the race hasn't sold out etc, etc....

April 19-22     Sea Otter Classic

April 28     Garda Sympatex MTB marathon, Rive del Garda, Italy (I'm registered)

May 5     Tour of the unknown coast century (rode it in 2010, absolutely scenic and challenging road century, but I will be in Europe this year)

May 5     Boggs 8-hour (Bikemonkey event, another scheduling conflict, bummer, as I heard this one is beautiful)

May 13-15     Tour of California (not riding, going to watch it!)

May 15-30     A placeholder for a road trip with John?

May 19     Weaverville 6 hrs (Team Bigfoot)

June 2     SoNoMas

June 8-10     Hammerstein 8/24

June 16     Tahoe 4/8 hrs 

July 22     Tahoe Trail 100 (60mi)

July 28     Arcata 6/12 hrs

August 18     Annadel XC race

August 25     Kirkwood 9-5

September 1     Kirkwood 6 hrs Enduro

September 4     Kauai Marathon

September 29     Levi Leipheimer's Gran Fondo

October 6     Whiskeytown 9-5

October 14     Sugar Pine 50 miler

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