Sunday, August 11, 2013


The company I work at keeps a blog. That blog brings news about our products and news from the science field we are at. Last week, it was my turn to write a contribution. It just happened that I could not find anything interesting to blog about, so I wrote the post below. It was rejected by the censoring powers with a comment: "Eh, not appropriate". I said OK, I will post it on my own blog! So here it is.

Dog Days of Summer
While we at XXX have been quite busy this August, we understand that many of our collaborators, clients and fans are enjoying their well-deserved vacations. We hope that you all have brought your iPads to the beach and study all the new information about XXX which is available on our website, but if you are interested in other global science and technology topics, here is our recommendation.
Actually, we have followed a tip from our local Bill Gates, who has published his personal summer reading list, as reported by the online news outlet Quartz. Bill will be reading books by Vaclav Smil, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the University of Manitoba. Prof. Smil has published over thirty books on very interdisciplinary topics, ranging from analyses on sushi eating in Japan to the fall of American manufacturing.
If you type the author’s name into an Amazon book search, you will see 219results. It would be really tough to match Dr. Smil’s 80 books per year read, but we hope that there will be one or two of his books among them that you will read this summer while being distracted by all the Facebook, twitter etc. chatter that our digital devices feed us.

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