Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Introduction to fatbiking

On my recent four day long "work weekend" in the Bay Area, I had a unique biking experience. My friends Jill and Beat not only agreed to go for a half day bike ride, but they also set me up with a loaner bike. Not just some bike, a Fatbike Fatback fat bike! Without really thinking about the best terrain for this type of bike, I suggested Wilder Ranch trails. I rode there several times and even blogged about it a few times here and here. Jill has already covered the ride in her blog including her stunning photos, so I won't repeat the ride description here. Needless to say, just after a year and half, I got pretty confused by the trails. Usually, I get anxious when I lose orientation in a known terrain, this time I did not mind, I would just happily ride the fat tire monster bike (surprisingly not of heavy and very agile bicycle) around for hours. The bike performed very well on somewhat technical rooty single track Enchanted Loop downhill and at the end of the ride, we even rode it on a surface it was intended for: on a sandy beach. I have not had this much fun on a bike in a long time!

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