Friday, June 1, 2012

Sierra Bike Tour GPS Tracks

Almost a week has gone by since my return from my inaugural road bike tour. This trip was the longest in mileage and the most strenuous in climbing of all my pedal powered endeavors so far. Besides taking care of all kinds of backlog items this week, I feel tired, hungry and cold, so I eat, sleep and enjoy the warm weather we have this week.
So as the final wrap-up, I am posting links to the Garmin tracks here:

Day 1: Chula Vista to Julien
Day 2: Julien to Yucaipa
Day 3: Yucaipa to Crestline
Day 4: Crestline to Palmdale
Day 5: Palmdale to Tehachapi
Day 6: Tehachapi to Lake Isabella
Day 7: Lake Isabella to Three Rivers
Day 8: Fish Camp to Lee Vining

And finally, here is a Google Earth view of the whole route. 750 miles (probably close to 1000 miles for John with his two additional stages) is about one third of the whole ACA Sierra Cascades route, so this one is not finished and I hope to pick up the route one day at Lee Vining, for a ride further up north.

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  1. Jan, thanks again for dinner on Tuesday. It was fun to see you and John, and hear more about your trip. I'd love to join you for the next third if you decide to tone down the pace a tad. Honestly, 100+ miles with 10,000+ feet of climbing a day is not even my idea of a "touring" pace. Ha ha.

    We should go mountain biking again soon. Let me know when you're settled and caught up on everything. Now that I've been down to that region I would love to check out Forest of Niesen Marks. I hear there's many fantastic fire roads and trails in that state park.