Tuesday, July 24, 2012


You often hear people who live in the San Francisco Bay Area say how diverse this place is. It may mean different things to different folks, but if you look at the population, cultures, geography, nature and many other things, you'd have to agree. To me, the most evident diversity is in natural environments, weather, trails and the fact that you may encounter wildlife forms just outside of urban sprawls and industrial complexes.
The Saturday ride with my friend Pavel was a good example. It was a hot day, even the Belmont Blow cooling fan was not working, so we went to ride trails around the Steven's canyon, Montebello and Skyline Ridge. Taking a rest at the intersection of Canyon Trail and Bella Vista trail, Pavel noticed a movement in grass on the trail side. A big rattlesnake was sliding down the hillside towards our bikes. It went slow, its head up and an S-coil ready to strike at something just in case. We stepped away, but the snake must have sensed us, pausing along its way and moving its head side to side. Then it slid through the spokes of my rear wheel! I was so fascinated by the animal that I got my phone camera out too late, by then the rattler was almost gone in grass. For the rest of the ride, I kept scanning the trail ahead for snakes.

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