Monday, October 15, 2012

All over the place

Do you know that feeling when a deadline approaches, the task lists seem to keep growing instead of shrinking and the time actually keeps speeding up until the clock hands move so fast they are just a blur?
I have been feeling like that over the past two weeks, which in part explains for my inactivity here. After getting just well enough after a weaponized virus attack to be able to complete a scientific paper, explaining how a group of college students could possibly botch such a simple experiment as demonstrating the Stroop effect to no effect at all, I realized I really want to do a few bike rides and runs around the Bay as a way to say goodbye to the area.
Jill came to my rescue and asked to go for a ride, so we pedaled up Mt. Hamilton for the views of the Bay Area which did not happen due to hazy wether, but we got a great view of some of the first season's rain clouds.
Then, two days later, Jill and Beat, being in a recovery mode, signed up for a 50k trail run along the Skyline ridge, and motivated me enough to sign up for a half-marathon distance. I really enjoyed the run, despite two wasp stings in my right calf and a spectacular wipeout when showing off in front of several young and pretty female runners. We all enjoyed a big sushi dinner post race, me not even knowing that I finished third in the old fart category.
The next day of recovery was made very special by a visit of my friend Pavel and his family. Pavel baked a great peach cobbler, which made me forget about a late afternoon flight to San Diego, as well as about my swollen, red and hot right calf. I'm pretty sure that cake fueled me for the whole Monday during a 10-5 job interview. They say interviewing for a job is like dating, but what was the last time you tried to look attractive to somebody for seven hours straight? And all interviewers were guys!
I'm typing this as I wait for my flight home, which I will soon call my second home. But before that, I need to go for another big bike ride


  1. Aah, I didn't realize you're a runner as well as a biker (or maybe you're just one of those disgusting beings who are so fit that they can run a half-marathon with no training)! Rainshadow Running has a great series of trail races in WA - beautiful, challenging courses, great people, excellent post-race food/beer/parties:

  2. Ingunn, thanks for the link, looks awesome. It took me disgustingly long time to be able to run 13 miles with no special training. But I think anybody who goes for 5-6 mile runs twice a week should have no problem with double the distance. For me, it is 2.5 hours and then he real pain begins. So from half to a full marathon seems to be many more years of gradual improvements.