Tuesday, October 23, 2012

I-5 Colonnade

Here is a piece of bicycling related news: my new employer is located across the street from the famous I-5 Colonnade MTB skills park! And I park my car here every morning:

When I turn around, I see this:

And then, I just cross the street and walk into my hi-tech biotech workplace:

Have you noticed that the chandelier is made of glass laboratory beakers? How cool! Today, my coworkers took me for a lunch run, a quick one hour brain refreshing jog. Actually, they pretty much sprinted up very steep trails and long flights of stairs to the Volunteer park and up the historical water tower made of bricks. Colored leaves, green grass, puffy clouds and some sun, cool 50degrees F - I haven't seen any of this over the last six months in California. We an through streets with some old, New England style houses, but there were cedars and redwoods around us. So far, the little I saw of this place is a very interesting mix of almost old world historical buildings, modern urban places, beautiful parks with lush vegetation and hi tech. And the real outdoors is a short distance away. And it is wet.

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  1. Looks like you're settling in nicely. Fall is a wet time of year in the Pacific Northwest, but I'm sure you'll adjust soon. It was was 85 degrees during my ride around Steven's Creek Canyon today. Honestly, I wouldn't mind a little wet weather at this point.