Monday, October 1, 2012

Adapt or die

The above quote by PW Botha has been used and misused by management of probably every single company out there. The truth is, we are humans and it is sometimes tough to change our habits and ways. But if challenged, we do have to adapt or we would not be here much longer. I can personally attest to that. While searching for a new job during the past six months of extended biking and running "vacation", I realized how much the biotech job market changed. So when I was offered a job recently, it was no surprise that the offer came with a few challenges I would have to adapt to. Now, the easy part is that the company researches the human adaptive immune system using genomics, which I love. Being adaptable, I accepted the job and started to explore how easily I will adapt to my future place of work and residence.

Lets say, I would live in an apartment like this one

in a highly walkable neighborhood (walking score 90), two blocks from a bike trail and about 10 miles from work.
I think I would bike commute to work, run errands and do light grocery shopping on my bike. My first concern about adapting to this new environment would be weather. Could I forget about being a California wuss and ride in drizzle or rain? Would I miss the seven months of dry sunny weather?

And what would be the best wet weather commuter bike? I cannot yet answer the previous two questions, but the bike question is simple. My titanium 29er hardtail with slick 700x35 tires, perhaps equipped with fenders, will be an ideal bike for this purpose.

It took me half an our to adapt the bike to the new role. A test ride on a familiar former route to work proved how much faster the bike has become. So here it is, a knobby tire endurance racer and mixed terrain travel bike, a commuter bike and perhaps even a touring bike to complete the Sierra Cascades tour one day? Perfect.

I know I will miss these views from local trails, but that is just a part of the adaptation process.

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