Sunday, May 6, 2012

Garda Sympatex MTB Marathon: Sunday Race

Here are just a few thoughts scribbled into a notepad during the week of vacationing at Lago di Ledro after the bike race. I hope to follow up with more and photos:

Started on time, actually well organized start in waves.
First 5mi on flat streets no chance for the pack to spread. Thus when the first steep cobblestone trail came, everybody walked.
great views, some riding through narrow passages in ancient towns.
Enough climbing to make it tough.
Some nice single track but very short sections.
Well marked course.

Lots of pavement and concrete surfaces.
Fast downhills in limestone loose scree, very dangerous and bad crashes happened.
Nothing salty at rest stops, all sweet stuff, even something like a rum cake.
Too many Germans :-)
No real free food in the finish area but a bruschetta and a weiss beer took care of a recovery meal.

Link to all my race pictures:

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