Thursday, May 24, 2012

SCT Day 7

Today was probably the most scenic day so far. Starting with a gentle climb along the rapids of Kern river to Kernville and above, eventually finishing at 7000 feet among big trees in the Sequoia national forest. Then came a long winding descent back to foothills at 1500 ft, and finally 30 miles surrounded by grassy hills and cows. The golden hour caught us still with 20 miles to go so we arrived at Three Rivers way after dark.
The stressful part of today's ride was my rear wheel failure, with one spoke pulled out of the rim and many other cracks. John came up with an engineering solution that saved the day: he rode my bike standing and leaning on the handlebars for over fifty miles and I piloted his famous GDR rig loaded with some stuff from my panniers. What a guy!
We reached area with cell coverage too late to have anything shipped overnight, so Marketa came to my rescue and got me a new wheel at REI and Fedexed it at the last minute. What a girl!
So if the cycling gods are so inclined, we may be able to continue our journey tomorrow.
Today's distance: 127 miles and some ungodly elevation, hard to keep track of that, this trip is all about climbing the mountains and descending to valleys.

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