Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SCT Day 6

UPS delivered the new tire, much nicer than the old model, the same size, 35mm being about twice as big as the old one, thank you Vittoria for consistency. The tire just barely cleared the frame but all installed and off we went at noon.
On the downhill along highway 58, we could see the amazing Tehachapi railroad loop, where long Pacific railroad trains loop around themselves.
We left the busy roads in Caliente for hours of climbing and descending through canyons and bucolic valleys where time must have stopped hundred years ago.
We arrived to Lake Isabella by 5:30 after 55 miles and over 5K climbing, feeling fresh and rested. This town seems to be another ran down sprawl, why did I expect a nice lakeside resort town in pine woods?

Official NWS wind data indicated over 70 mph at Mojave today and supposedly today was calmer than yesterday. We could see the lenticularis above Tehachapi Pass behind us all day today.

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